Optimizing Your Virtual Practice
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Optimizing Virtual Homeopathic Practice: Guidelines

Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Duration: 0 h 43 min
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Duration: 43 min
Level: Intermediate
Speaker: Julie Henry B.Sc., DHMS, Hom.

Learning Objectives

This webinar will provide you with guidance to effectively and efficiently see patients virtually.  It will guide you in setting-up your patient and yourself in order to have an optimal virtual consultation. A good prescription is only valuable to a patient if they can quickly and easily obtain the homeopathic medicines.  You will learn about the various options to ensure your patient has timely and convenient access to medicines resulting in best outcomes for both the patient and your virtual practice. 

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Disclaimer & Disclose
As a manufacturer, Boiron does not provide indications for use of individual single homeopathic medicines, due to their wide range of clinical applications. The contents of these webinars have been developed exclusively by the presenters, based on their professional experience and knowledge.

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Heather Smith
Posted 10 months ago
Great presentation

One question at the end wasn't answered, I guess the presentation "timed-out." The question was, "does our insurance cover for clients outside of Ontario?" Julie was cut off before she could answer.

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