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Clinical Homeopathy: Recurrent UTI Management in Women

Language: English
Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Duration: 1 h 0 min

Recurrent urinary tract infections (rUTI) are more common in women and up to 55% of women suffer from rUTI. Given the increasing resistance to antibiotics, alternative treatments could potentially target the underlying causes of rUTIs and enhance patient outcomes by utilizing the body’s natural defenses. The webinar seeks to investigate the physiology of UTIs including the impacts of the system, hormones, gut bacteria and biofilm. It will provide evidence supporting the use of homeopathic medicines and real-life clinical cases. The pressing demand in light of antibiotic resistance underscores the significance of effective approaches, for managing rUTI.

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Level: Beginner to Advanced

Duration: 1hour

During these webinars you will:​

  • Understand the pathophysiology of UTI
  • Highlight the common UTI risk factors
  • Demonstrate the knowledge towards the role in preventing urinary tract infections is dependent on the: Immune system, Hormones, Gut flora and Biofilm
  • Formulate homeopathic treatment for recurrent UTI in women

About the Speaker: Vijay Nielsen

Vijay Nielsen is a homeopath and a board member for the Ontario Homeopathic Medical Association as well an advisor to Metagenics. Vijay has over 19 years of clinical experience working with women who have recurrent urinary tract infections. His private practice in Calgary focusses primarily on gastroenterology & hepatology, women’s health and dermatology. Vijay uses a clinical approach to homeopathy integrating traditional frameworks with homeopathic frameworks.

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Disclaimer & Disclose
As a manufacturer, Boiron does not provide indications for use of individual single homeopathic medicines, due to their wide range of clinical applications. The contents of these webinars have been developed exclusively by the presenters, based on their professional experience and knowledge.

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