These webinars are for healthcare professional and retailers seeking to deepen their understanding and knowledge of homeopathy, additional resources and training are available by creating an account.


Homeopathy and the Management of Patients with GERD

Level: Beginner to Advanced | 60 min | Speaker: Vijay Nielsen, D.M.S.

Homeopathy An Evaluation of the Evidence Base in 2021

Level: Beginner to Advanced | 60 min | Speaker: Rachel Roberts, HRI Chief Executive

Benefits of Clinical Homeopathy in Family Medicine

Recommended for Naturopathic Doctors | 60 min | Speaker: Jennifer Drummond, ND

Homeopathic Management of Anxiety

Level: Advanced | 60 min | Speaker: Paul Saunders, PhD, ND, DHANP

Sleep Issues: a Homeopathic Approach

Level: Beginner to Advanced | 65 min | Speaker: John Golden, MD
Management of shingles

Homeopathy for the management of Shingles

Level: Intermediate | 30 min | Speaker: Rajneesh Sikri, MD
Sleep & Stress

Homeopathy for Sleep and Stress

Level: Beginner | 30 min | Speaker: Stephanie Yaremko, ND

A pharmacist’s perspective on homeopathy and seasonal allergies

Level: Basic | 24 min | Speaker: Darin Fenton, BSc Pharm

Successful Sleep Solutions for Baby

Level: Beginner | 30 min | Speakers: Debbie Fazio, Board Certified Sleep Consultant and Margaret Wallis-Duffy RMT

Strategies for Baby Colic

Level: Beginner | 30 min | Speakers: Monaa Qureshi, RPh, Margaret Wallis-Duffey, RMT

Baby is Teething

Level: Beginner | 40 min | Speakers: Stephanie Yaremko, ND, Margaret Wallis-Duffy, RMT